Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Create your free blog, get your own blog in a few simple steps.

Hi guys today I'll tell you how to create a free blog for you.

First of all, creating a free blog is a piece of cake. With this service from Google, you will have a personal blog in a few steps.

So let's start. First of all, we are writing gmail email address to google search engine.

Secondly, we create our gmail account and get a gmail account.

After creating our Gmail email address, we write the word Blogger on the google search engine.

By clicking the first link, we login with your gmail email address.

In just a few simple steps, we created our blog by using the free blog creation service provided by google. Stay on track good day.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Free Create Blog Sites. How I Create Free Blog easy

hello guys today we will offer you free blogger themes. First, I want to talk about what you need to know to create a free blog site.

there is a free blog creation site as an alternative. Although it is better to start by talking about a few of the alternative sites that are offered to create a free blog, I will try to tell you about the most preferred free blog creation tool.

We prefer free blog creation tool name google blogspot. Uncle Google is a free-to-use blogging tool that is free to many users, although it is much more advanced than most blogging tools. The Google blogspot service basically supports us to create articles, get comments on articles we write, write comments, edit alternative free blog themes, and upload.

Now let's talk about creating a free blog for you.

We're writing a free blogging tool for google blog spot to google search engine first.

We're logging into google's free blog creation creation page by clicking on the first link. We then create our free blog by entering our e-mail information at a simple user level and setting a password.

Here we create a free blog and we love this uncle so simple.

Friday, May 25, 2018


Hi guys. Today I will talk about "how to create a blog website". Nowadays everyone can easily create a free blog site. Now I will tell you the simple steps you will follow to the concept of "how to create a blog website". Let's start and create a blog site for ourselves.

First of all, we need to create a GMAIL account for ourselves, which is why the BLOG site is a GOOGLE service that we will create for free. By typing "GMAIL" in the GOOGLE search engine, we get an email address. I do not need to explain these steps, I guess it will be very simple after that.

Once you've created your GMAIL account, we write BLOGGER on the GOOGLE search engine and click on the first link. Once you have logged in to our BLOGGER page with your GMAIL account, we have now set up our BLOG site and we can start running. It is very easy to have such a BLOG.
I hope that the answer is "HOW CAN CREATE A BLOG WEBSITE".

Have a nice day. Happy Days.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Breeze Mobile Compatible Personal Blogger FREE Theme

Hello friends Today we continue to share the Blogger Free Theme as a Blogger Support team for you. Although Breeze is designed as a free blogger-themed professional magazine theme. Other blogger theme categories you can use; Personal blogger contact, niche blogger contact, corporate blogger contact, marketing blogger contact, authority blogger contact can also be used.

Basically I will mention the features of Breeze Free Blogger Template.

Full responsive mobile-compatible Blogger Theme
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Brand Mag UX Mobile Compatible Blogger Free Template

Good Days Blogger Today we have added a new addition to the Blogger Free Theme Archive we created for you. If you are looking for a Blogger Free Template, we are on your way to your site and hope you'll come across a theme that you are looking for.

Mark Mag UX Free Blogger Theme developed with HTML5 and CSS3 with a completely pure and clean design. It is very simple and easy to customize the blogger theme.

Full responsive mobile-compatible Blogger Theme
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Slider and more.


Hello friends today BLOG WHAT? We will try to convey information about the title. People began to record their places, phone numbers, a reading, and important places of the book in these notebooks, but now things have begun to change with the development of technology.


When we look at the BLOG word in Turkish; BLOG is a diary-like website that can be created by people who write their own what they want without technical knowledge. (Wikipedia, 2005)


What is BLOG on Wikipedia? BLOG is the definition of the word above, but if we are looking for the English translation, let us look at the evolution. Like we said, people were using personal books, and loved ones were recording their important meta-books. With the development of technology, network systems grew larger and larger, and at the end of the world one could share information with people on the other side. People who wanted to reach a preliminary knowledge went to the city libraries and tried to reach the information they wanted to get among dusty shelves. The development of the network system is now known as the search engines, which have begun to load via internete web sites, where people have turned their resources into a giant library. etc. the internet turned into a giant information network.

People who are now browsing this giant information network are starting to share their knowledge and likes that they have left behind in notebooks as visuals, videos, texts in today's personal blog, BLOG web sites. What is BLOG like this? If you think about what we have formed in your head for a while, we will continue to do it.


We mentioned that the personal books were taken by the BLOG-named web sites. BLOG word comes from where it is useful to examine it a little bit. People used the term "weblogs", which was the counterpart of the word "web" in the first time that they shared their web sites via web sites. Web logs were archived in places with daily web, weekly, weekly, monthly, or irregular time periods, where people had gotten information from web sites. WEB-LOG was converted to WE LOG.

We tried to tell if the concept of BLOG came from where it came from. I hope it will be helpful to comment on your contribution and to share our article on the social media. Have a nice day