Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Blogger, as you know, is one of Google's oldest and best products. At no charge, you can only sign up for Blogger with your Gmail account and create a blog page. Although Blogger offers 16 themes (templates) for free, you can also use the new, better, SEO-compatible, mobile-compatible Blogger themes.

Those who share a lot of blogs with a lot of places may need different designs over time. Of course, the increasing number of users has triggered many designers in this issue. Naturally, more and more stylish, more professional Blogger themes have been put on the market. If we do the sampling, such as themes for recipes, themes about movie series criticism, personal blog themes, and so on.

There are also Blogger themes that you can download for free, as well as get more professional Blogger themes for a free. On this page, I will also list the best, cool and professional Blogger themes you can download for free and try to keep them up to date.

#1 - DZINE Blogger Theme

Prisoner Blogger is a preferred theme for those who share a lot of different topics. SEO friendly this theme is mobile-friendly and quite fast. There are social page icons and pop-up menu. In addition, similar content plug-in, breadcrumbs add-on, social sharing buttons and Blogger, Disqus, Facebook comment systems are attached. 


#2 Bolt Blogger Theme

 I can say that Bolt is a blogger-based magazine theme, shared, but it's more like a new generation company promotion site. Mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly, this theme has a sticky menu and many different functions. It would be better if you could examine the theme live.

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