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9 diet tricks that will give you results after just one week


Who is on a diet, must be patient. Because losing weight does not work overnight. However, there are small tricks that can easily be integrated into your life to see results within a few days.

These 9 diet tricks will help you get in shape in just one week

1. Mix your own fitness water

Cucumbers under the eyes helps to reduce water retention and to reduce swelling. This also works for a bloated stomach: Just mix some cucumber slices with fresh mint leaves and lemon juice and drink it throughout the day. The lemons help boost digestion and flush out toxins. The vitamin-rich fruit is also good for your skin and makes it look radiant. Adding flower pollen to the drink also stimulates your metabolism and gives you more energy to burn more calories throughout the day.

2. Put on ginger

Ginger has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to look less bloated. From the root you can also easily create a digestive tea: chop up fresh ginger and mix it with a splash of lemon, cayenne pepper and honey. The whole thing you boil with boiling water - done!

3. Take a bath in Epsom salt

Relaxation can also help you lose weight - in the form of a bath in Epsom salts. The magnesium sulfate stimulates the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes. The warm bath should also promote the detoxification of the body. The magnesium also helps to prevent intense muscular effort. So it's ideal if you also do sports for your diet.

4. Move more in everyday life

Clear: Who wants to lose weight, must also do sports. However, it is not just about a fitness program, but also about getting more involved in your everyday life. If you sit at the desk most of the day, you should try to get more exercise during your lunch break or do some exercises right at your desk.

5. Drink green tea

You do not want to give up coffee altogether, but it's not as good for our bodies as green tea. It helps with bloating and its antioxidant properties make our skin brighter and healthier. He also acts anti-inflammatory and boosts the metabolism.

6. Avoid processed foods

Try to avoid processed foods for a whole week, as they usually contain excessive amounts of sugar, salt or fat - all ingredients that increase inflammation and flatulence. And usually they are not exactly low in calories. If you focus more on whole foods, foods that you would find in nature, you will quickly notice improved digestion and a more relaxed sleep.

7. Eat asparagus

Steamed asparagus, without butter or oil, is a healthy dinner that is rich in fiber. You feel better and less bloated after eating. In addition, asparagus is low in calories and therefore the ideal diet vegetables.

8. Take a break

It is no secret that deep, exhausted sleep reduces stress. If you and thus your body is not stressed, it can work better. A diet and especially a sports program makes you a lot easier.

9. Trick your brain out with an apple

Eating an apple before lunch and dinner reduces appetite. Because apples stabilize the glucose content in the blood and protect you from cravings. In addition, the fruit boosts digestion, supports the production of fat-burning hormones and allows the pounds to melt away faster.

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