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Kim Kardashian: Cellulite away in record time!


Just lied - or does she have a magic formula? InTouch knows Kim's secret recipe against the annoying dents ...

Kim Kardashian, 37, knows who she owes most of her popularity-her coup d'état is her biggest asset. However, since she was shot down by paparazzi at the pool behind her and the pictures of her bubbly butcher were less for malice, ridicule and 100,000 Insta followers, she knows the flipside of fame. But a Kardashian gets in every situation the A .... high - and how!

Kim Kardashian presents her smooth butt

This season presents Kim her voluminous, but visibly smoother buttocks relish the world public. Message of her bare cheeks: You can all me! "I was really unhappy when I saw myself from behind in the mirror," Kim confessed. So she started. Kim's anti-cellulite pop-up is beneficial for every buttock.

The cellulite mystery of Kim Kardashian

The first step: freezing the fridge freezing cold. Out with the packaged Fertigfraß! And yes, healthy eating not only helps against upholstery, but also against dents: "It really depends on what you eat first and foremost," Kim explains her orange peel offensive. Her menu: morning cereal, salad at lunchtime, chicken and vegetables in the evening. On top of that regular shake cures that detoxify and detoxify. But, of course, it does not work without sports.

Incidentally, Kim has discovered her trainer on Instagram as appropriate. And Melissa Alcantara kept what her postings promised. "It was hard," says Kim herself. "I got up at five in the morning and worked out." A mix of stamina, weight lifting and running. Six times a week, for an hour. Sounds hard? It is. "But I had a goal in mind!" In Kim's case, it was a smooth gluteal region (that's what doctors say) - meaning that even her thighs are now smooth, tight, and shapely. She did it. And proved: who wants, who can. And if you pass a few dents more or less on the A ...., you just enjoy the summer. Without drill.

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