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Losing weight without diet: The portion size is important


If you have the right portion size on my plate, you can lose weight even without a diet. Most of the time we eat too much.


  • Often, too much ends up on our plate
  • The Portion on the plate is often foreign
  • 75 grams of noodles per person are enough
  • The trick for the right portion of spaghetti
  • How big may a serving of potatoes be?
  • So many grams of meat is allowed

Often, too much ends up on our plate

Obesity can cause serious health problems. The origin of all evil often begins on the plate. The portions are too big, an unconscious overeating is inevitable. If the scale hits higher and higher, a suitable diet is sought in order to lose the extra pounds. This often means abandonment, radical starvation diets are often not held to the end. Or it continues to be eaten as before after the diet and the yo-yo effect occurs.

The Portinsgröße on the plate is often foreign

British nutrition researchers have tackled the issue and developed a guide for the British Nutrition Foundation on how anyone can avoid overeating. The guideline lists foods with quantities. For a study British Nutrition Foundation has revealed that their subjects, for example, at least 50 grams of pasta ate more than health is good. For others it was even more. How much lands on our plate, often decide others, the partner, the canteen chef or the chef in our favorite restaurant. We do not notice it, because we are so used to it. Bridget Benelam from the organization told Guardian, "We usually do not think about the right portion size." And when there is a lot on the plate, we also eat a lot. Unfortunately too much.

The guide is designed to help people think more about the amount on their plates and get used to normal and healthy portions. Then no tormenting diets would be necessary.

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