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Slimming on the thighs: 6 tips with which it works


A bad news in advance: targeted fat reduction at a certain point of the body is virtually impossible. Although it is possible to burn fat through healthy nutrition and exercise, it is not possible to influence where the body breaks it down. But now the good news: With these six simple tips you can define the problem zone thighs and get in shape.

6 tips for slim and defined thighs:

1. Pay attention to your salt consumption

Salt causes your body to store water - so be careful not to salt your food too much. An adult, according to the World Health Organization, should eat only five grams of salt daily.

2. Take more electrolytes to you

In many healthy foods, electrolytes such as calcium or magnesium are already included - and that's a good thing, because they regulate the water balance in the body. Dark leafy vegetables, yogurt and bananas are wonderful sources of electrolyte.

3. Avoid too much carbohydrates

When your body converts carbohydrates into glycogen, they are stored together with water in the liver and muscles. This means that the more carbohydrates you eat, the more water your body stores. So pay attention to a balanced carbohydrate intake.

4. Start the day with a cup of coffee

Coffee has a mild diuretic effect and can boost your metabolism, fat burning and your workout.

5. Always carry a water bottle with you

Sounds logical: the less water you drink, the more water the body stores. When liquid is added, the body can excrete salt and pollutants better. In addition, sufficient drinking helps to curb the appetite, because dehydration causes hunger. Two to three liters of water per day are recommended.

6. Train and strengthen your thighs

Although you can not selectively reduce fat, you can train and sculpt parts of the body. Add these special exercises for your thighs to your sports routine to put special focus on your legs.

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