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The apple diet: 5 kilos away with the apple trick


Apples stimulate fat burning and metabolism. In short, those who eat apples save around 200 kcal per meal. Everything about the apple diet.

Why an apple diet?

An English proverb says: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" (German: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"). And if you eat two apples a day, you not only stay healthy, but easily reach your desired weight! Because apples slow down the appetite so much that you eat around 200 kcal less per meal. This has been shown in a study by Pennsylvania University in the USA.

In plain language that means: you can eat less and are still supersatt! Because the high fiber content slows the blood sugar increase, more and more effective fat is burned. The fiber pectin ensures that the food lingers longer in the digestive tract - therefore you stay full longer.

Apple Diet: That's how it works

And so goes the apple diet: Eat at least 2 apples a day, preferably at the main meals. You can see how to incorporate these delicacies into your diet in our recipe planner. Every day we have two apple recipes planned. If you still feel like having a snack, you can try our mini recipes. Within the apple diet, drink at least two liters of non-calorific beverages daily. So tumble up to 5 kilos per month!

Make the most of the power of apples

  • From purchasing to preparation - with our tips you get the best out of your apples.

  • Prefer old apple varieties. They contain less fructose - good for liver and fat metabolism.
  • Organic apples usually contain less pesticides than conventional varieties.
  • If you prefer apples from your region, you usually have a better nutrient profile because of the shorter transport routes.
  • Eat the bowl with you. That's where most polyphenols are.
  • Store apples and bananas separately: The ripened gas of bananas makes apples spoil faster.

The best apple snacks for in between

When the little hunger comes in, just eat an apple. Too boring? Spice up the fruit - even chocolate is allowed.

  • Slice apple, cover with 1 teaspoon almond paste.
  • Mix 120 g of skinny quark with 1 tsp of elderflower syrup and a grated apple.
  • Wrap slices of an apple with lean turkey breast cold cuts and eat.
  • Steam 1 apple with 1 tbsp. Cloudy apple juice for approx. 5 minutes until soft and crush with the potato masher. Cool lukewarm. Mix with 2 tbsp cottage cheese and eat.
  • Carefully melt a bar of chocolate (85% cocoa) in the microwave. Drizzle dried apple rings, apple chips or fresh apple slices with the chocolate. Eat immediately or let chocolate set.

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